Heading into the 4th quarter, let’s get ready to close the year out on a high note.

  1. End of 3rd quarter
    1. Take a look at all that you accomplished last quarter
    2. Have you done what you set out to do?
    3. What are some lessons you learned
    4. Great job on 3rd quarter, reward yourself this weekend
  2. Kick-off next quarter
    1. It’s the last part of the year
    2. What do you have left to accomplish in 2015?
    3. Let’s get fired up and kick some butt
  3. Plan it out
    1. Pick some focus areas for improvements – pick 3 or 4 areas
      1. safety / marketing / accounting / project management
    2. Define key achievements in each area for 4th quarter
      1. What would success look like ie: Area=Safety Improvement Success=Effective Daily Safety Meetings
    3. Break down the achievements into lists of tasks
    4. Set aside 1 hour per day to work on these achievements
      1. Work on the same thing each week – Safety is Monday at 10AM every week

You will be amazed at how mcuh you will get done by following a routine like this.

Key Questions:

  1. How did you do with 3rd quarter?

  2. What do you want to accomplish in 4th quarter?

  3. How can you break that down?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Set your trajectories for 4th quarter

  2. Break them down to tasks

  3. Set aside an hour a day and work on your tasks


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