Traveling / commuting takes up a lot of time, don’t just waste it.

  1. Plan for Travel
    1. There are a lot of things we can accomplish while we travel/commute
    2. Many people spend hours every week commuting and traveling and waste that time
    3. Think of what you could accomplish with those extra hours
      1. Driving – make calls (hands-free only / no texting) / podcasts / audio books
      2. Riding – calls / emails / texts / podcasts / audio books
      3. Flying – podcasts / audio books / computer work
  2. Plan ahead for your travel
    1. When planning your day move tasks into the travel time
    2. Prepare the information you need before leaving
    3. Create your travel to-do list
  3. Bring what you need
    1. Plan ahead so you can gather what you need
    2. Make some travel folders and carry them with you
    3. Use the apps on your phone

Key Questions:

  1. Do you travel / commute?

  2. Is that time used effectively?

  3. Do you plan ahead for what you can do?

  4. How can you accomplish more in this down time?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Plan ahead for your travel / commute time

  2. Create grab and go folders to travel with

  3. Make the most of this time


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