Running your business without a proper budget is a plan for failure.


  1. Business budgets are a must
    1. We base our markups on our costs
    2. Budgets keep these costs in check
    3. We need to plan where our money goes
  2. This cannot be a simple budget
    1. Create a budget with the proper detail
    2. Track the costs and adjust
    3. A budget you can plan with
  3. A budget is you primary business tool
    1. Without a budget you are operating blind
    2. You cannot know what you are doing or if you are profitable without a budget
    3. You need to monitor it and stick to it

Key Questions:

  1. Do you have a business budget?

  2. Does it properly reflect your costs?

  3. Do you track and monitor it?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Build a solid business budget

  2. Get the right details

  3. Work with it and track it


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