Community involvement is not just a good civic deed, it’s a great for your brand too.

Community involvement is great way to give back and get a bonus.


  1. Do you get involved with your community?
    1. There are many ways
      1. Adopt-a-Highway
      2. Sponsorship
      3. Volunteer
    2. The real gold is in the volunteer work
  2. We owe it to our community
    1. It’s the right thing to do
    2. As a bonus we build awareness of our company
    3. We get to meet and connect with new people – not just you but employees too
  3. Some ideas on how  to do it right
    1. There aer the easy ways like sponsorship and donations
    2. Let’s ramp it up from there
      1. Get your employees involved
      2. Create a program to recognize your employees involvement
      3. Develop a reward program
    3. Share your expertise
      1. As a volunteer
      2. Provide clinics – like how to create better curb appeal on a $100 budget

Why not get come good press and feel great about it.

Key Questions:

  1. Do you get involved in your community?

  2. How can you get more involved?

  3. How can you get your employees to get more involved?

  4. How can you improve?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Start doing more in your community

  2. Reward others for their participation


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