Success comes from consistently taking the necessary steps to move closer to your goals.

This is Episode 260 – that’s one full year of 5 episodes per week. Wow!

Since last August, I have recorded and published a Coachcast every single weekday, no exceptions. I didn’t skip when I didn’t feel good, I didn’t play any replays of older recordings. Nope, every single day I did a Coachcast. Why?

Because I made a decision to start this podcast and community in July of 2014 and committed to doing one thing, the Coachcast every day. What are your commitments?


  1. Successful people share some common traits and behaviors – 3 of the most common are
    1. Always learning and improving themselves – just like you already do by listening
    2. They have clear goals and outlined the steps to achieving them
    3. They commit to taking action towards their goals every day even when they don’t feel like it
  2. Small steps scale mountains
    1. Learn to take those small steps every day – you have already started by being here – now let’s expand it
    2. Start with one thing and commit to doing it consistently – like you life depends on it (psst…it does)
    3. Make it bigger than you
      1. I get up every day and record a Coachcast, not for me but for this community. I owe it to you to be here every day. That’s way bigger than my little thoughts of staying in bed because I don’t feel great.

Learn to take actions based on decisions you have made and not on your feelings.

Key Questions:

  1. What steps should you be taking consistently?

  2. Are you taking them no matter what?

  3. Where do you need to take more action?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Find those key steps that move you towards your goals (see last week’s Friday Coachcast)

  2. Make a decision to do them

  3. Commit to taking the actions consistently


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