We often fail to reach our goals because we fail to consistently take the needed small steps.

Why do so many of us struggle to reach our goals?


  1. The struggle is in keeping going doing the basics
    1. Look at football – the goal is to score but to be successful you have to master blocking and tackling
      1. As an athlete it’s would be hard to practice the basics if you didn’t understand that it leads to your goal – it’s the same in life
    2. We can set smart goals but without action we never achieve them
    3. We often quit too soon
  2. There is not connection between the action and the goal
    1. If I told you to get up an hour earlier every day in order to be successful, how long would you do it?
      1. You wouldn’t continue for too long because there is no connection to the goal
    2. Think of all the things that you don’t do that you know you should
    3. Why don’t you do them consistently?
  3. Make a pyramid – Connect the goals to the actions – See the example below
    1. This is a visual exercise I developed to connect everyday actions to the goals
      1. Start with your goal on the top of the pyramid
      2. Below the top, write the 2 things you need to make that happen
      3. On the line below that write down the things you need to get the things above it
      4. Continue down the line until you get to the daily/weekly/monthly activities
    2. Now you can see the direct correlation between your activities and you goals – so will your employees
    3. Now you understand the reason why for your actions

Key Questions:

  1. Do you have trouble achieving your goals?

  2. Do you have a clear reason why you do what you do?

  3. How can you improve your path to your goals?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Take your top goal and start a pyramid

  2. Take-Action on the foundation items


  • Goal: Have a successful company with $250K in post-tax profits in 2017
  • I need: 5% profit from projects and $5M in revenue
  • For 5% profit I need:
    • Good Clients/Projects
      • For Good Clients I need:
        • Repeat Work
          • For Repeat Work I need:
            • Great Customer Service
              • To provide good customer service I must
                • Provide Solutions, not Issues
                • Present a solution with every RFI
                • Present alternatives on all Change Orders
                • Scrub contract documents for potential problems
                  • You can keep adding – these are the tasks that lead to your goals

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