Should your marketing dollars be spent on print ads in directories?

Question: Should I advertise in local print directories like Yellow Pages?


  1. The root of the question – is print dead?
    1. No, not completely – look at The Blue Book
    2. There are still times that people use hard copy directories
    3. You should certainly be listed, as far as paying to advertise it depends on your customer
    4. Either way – any directory ads should include online as well for a good strategy
  2. Real question – where do I get the best ROI on marketing dollars
    1. Options – directories / review sites / information sites / lead services
    2. Where are your potential customers – how do you reach them
    3. It depends on your target customer
  3. Plan, Do, Check, Act
    1. Have a plan and test multiple options
    2. The basis of the plan should be your Customer Aquisition Cost or CAC
    3. You want to maximize your ROI by lowering your CAC

Key Questions:

  1. Are you using your marketing dollars effectively?

  2. What is your Customer Acquisition Cost?

  3. How can you improve your CAC?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Determine you CAC

  2. Improve it


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