Project success comes from meeting project objectives. Business success comes from meeting project goals.

  1. The difference between objectives and goals
    1. Objectives are the musts – the contract
    2. Goals are beyond the must – what’s important to the business
    3. We often get confused and caught up with meeting project objectives and miss out on project goals that grow our business
  2. We must cover both
    1. During pre-planning outline objectives and set goals
    2. Both should be measured and tracked
    3. Don’t combine them – focus on each separately
  3. Find the key focus for your goals
    1. Your company culture and vision should help dictate goals
    2. Your overall vision should also be part of your project goals
    3. Reward and evaluate people based on goals and objectives

Key Questions:

  1. Do you differentiate objectives and goals

  2. Do you track and monitor both

  3. Do you focus on key goals

Take-Action Items:

  1. Establish project objectives and goals on each project

  2. Monitor and track all of them

  3. Train and reward based on objectives and goals


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