Creating good subcontract and purchase order templates can simplify the project buyout process.

Question: I want to create a standard subcontract agreement for my projects. Can you provide some ideas on what to include in the standard agreement?

This is more than one Coachcast but I will give you some ideas on getting started.


  1. Standard agreements – the basic structure
    1. Consider a standard agreement that contains the Terms and Conditions
    2. Those are the basis of the contract or purchase order and cannot be changed without approval
    3. Add on the parts that differ by project in exhibits
  2. The key exhibits that I have in every agreement
    1. Scope of work – make this detailed
    2. Schedule – the when and how long
    3. Price and payment terms
  3. Getting started
    1. Look at some you already have for a model
    2. AIA has a good template as well
    3. Have you attorney review the Terms and Conditions
    4. Learn the clause for yourself as well

Key Questions:

  1. Do you have standard agreements?

  2. Are your agreements up to date?

  3. Do you use them properly and consistently?

  4. How can I improve them?

Take-Action Items:

  1. If you don’t use standard agreements, start

  2. Review what you have and update it


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