Collect data from your customers to be sure you hit your marks.

Q: What is the best way to get feedback and testimonials from my customers?

A: Ask customers to fill out a post-project survey.


  1. The value of feedback
    1. We have goals – did we meet them?
    2. What does our customer care about?
    3. What are our customer’s perceptions?
  2. Get the info
    1. You have to ask – ask them to complete the survey
    2. Rewards – offer small tokens of appreciation for completing the survey
    3. Use a questionnaire or survey that can be completed on paper / interview / online
      1. Provide something that gives them all options
  3. KISS for best results
    1. Keep it simple – hit the key areas only
      1. Don’t ask about a bunch of different things when we are focusing on just a few
    2. Create 5 to 6 questions that focus on your areas of focus
    3. Keep them as ratings or true/false for ease of completing – provide areas for additional comments
    4. Ask if you can contact later about a testimonial

Key Questions:

  1. Do you know what your customers really think about you?

  2. Are you hitting your marks?

  3. Where do you need to improve?

Take Action Items:

  1. Get customer feedback

  2. Analyze the data and make changes


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