When it comes to project planning the most important thing is to develop a plan before starting.

“What should all should be included in my project plans? Most of my projects are light commercial remodels and new construction ranging from $500K to $4M.”

  1. Project Planning
    1. It’s a process and a product
    2. most important part is the process of planning
    3. Doesn’t need to be perfect to be effective
  2. Key aspects of any plan
    1. Starts during the pursuit stage and is updated in estimating then during the planning
    2. Includes input and discussion of the team members
    3. End result is useful – KISS
  3. What to include
    1. Develop the plan starting with the risk plan
    2. Project plan must include Summary and Risk Plan
      1. Summary sheet should give all the details in 1 page
      2. Risk Plan should be as discussed in other Coachcasts
    3. The remaining sections will be dictated by the Risk Plan and can include
      1. Safety / Owner Info / Project Description /  Accounting / Budgets / Schedule / Equipment Plan / Logistics / Purchasing / Subcontracting / Personnel / Closeout / Quality / Reporting and so on.
    4. The report / product part can be a written document like a binder or presentation or another form that works for your project teams

The important part is the process of developing the plan.

Key Questions:

  1. What are the top project risks?

  2. What do I need to watch for?

  3. What is different with this project?

  4. What is similar to other projects?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Start the project planning process

  2. Adjust for each new project



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