Meetings: non-productive blackholes inconveniently located throughout your week.

Can you avoid the mind field?

Meetings are a huge waste of time yet a necessary evil.

  1. Eliminate them
    1. Try to eliminate meetings if you can
    2. Use collaboration tools instead of meetings – use systems and reports
    3. Go with the face – to – face / one – on – one instead of group meetings
  2. If you must meet, create an agenda
    1. If you must meet then have an agenda
    2. Keep everyone on track and follow the agenda
    3. Stick to the agenda topics only and save add-ons until the end
  3. Other tricks
    1. Schedule your meetings for half the time you think
    2. Conduct stand-up meetings – get high-top tables and everyone stands
    3. For recurring staff meetings:
      1. Assign to-dos at the end of the meeting
      2. Have everyone report on their to-dos prior to the next meeting to eliminate time wasted reviewing what we completed

Meetings can be useful if you prepare properly and manage them.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Eliminate meetings

  2. Create an agenda

  3. List out the To-Dos


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