Are you measuring your performance on a regular basis?

We all need a little refresher now and then.

Today I wanted to just do a little checkup on our time management practices. We all need to stop and review our efforts to make sure we are doing our best and improving every day.

This week I want you to review your time management.

  1. Organization
    1. Plan your day
    2. Make a list every day
    3. Clear out the clutter
  2. Time Blocking
    1. Set aside blocks of time during the day for tasks
    2. FOCUS – during each block finish what you are working on before moving on
    3. Single task – don’t multi-task
  3. Avoid Interruptions
    1. Watch the email drain
    2. Don’t waste time on the phone
    3. Avoid getting caught up on the internet or social media (or TV)

We can always use a little refresher and that’s what a coach is for. To remind you of the things that you should be doing regularly.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your time management

  2. Get back on top of it



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