Sometimes it’s hard to keep going when things don’t seem to be working. That’s when we need to remember FOCUS.

Are you following your course?

The acronym made up for focus is Follow One Course Until Success. This is a great philosophy if understood correctly.

  1. The big picture
    1. We must develop a plan and stick to it – too many people quit in the Dip
    2. Course is not all-encompassing
      1. You don’t need to get too narrow that it chokes you
        1. However, you shouldn’t try too many things at once or shift too often
    3. You define what success is – when can you shift focus
  2. The micro side
    1. This is what I talk about with blocking out time – we FOCUS during those blocks
    2. Complete the task (course) at hand before moving to something else
    3. You can accomplish many things but only one at a time
  3. Keep FOCUS in mind
    1. When looking at your business – work through the dip
      1. You can work on improving more than one thing just not too many
      2. For each thing choose one path to success and stick to it
    2. When working on a task/course focus on it completely
    3. Don’t switch too soon

Understand the FOCUS principle and you will see great results in the amount you can accomplish and how fast it starts to occur.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Start to Follow One Course Until Success



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