Safety Week is a great start towards a cultural shift in the construction industry.

Now let’s take it the rest of the way!

Prior to doing this Coachcast I did some quick research on some basic safety and employment data. Getting information solely from I found some numbers that were indicative of our lack of a safe culture in the construction industry. You can find this data for yourself and look but the sad take-away for me was this:

Construction accounts for only 5% of the total US employment yet accounts for 18% of workplace fatalities. The highest percentage of all industries. That SUCKS!!!

In comparison, manufacturing accounts for 10% of employment and only 7% of fatalities. Agriculture and fishing (aka: Deadliest Catch) accounts for 7% of employment and 11% of fatalities. (I know that certain sectors are much higher – therefore the deadliest tag)

We need an industry shift. 


  1. Industry wake-up call
    1. We have a looming labor shortage – could it be our horrible image of not caring for workers
    2. Why do kids looking for blue-collar careers head to big industry first?
    3. They have a culture of caring (true or not – that’s the perception)
  2. It starts with you
    1. The needed change in our industry starts with you
    2. Be part of the change – make an effort
    3. Create a culture of caring and safety in your company or project or team
  3. Build a culture of safety and caring
    1. Your company culture should have employee safety (work&home) is a foundation
    2. Let’s care for more than the OSHA Log and Checklists
    3. Start asking the right questions.
      1. As you walk ajobsite and see people working ask yourself:
        1. “Would I let my daughter do that?’
        2. “If that was my brother, would I warn him?”
        3. “Would I stop a child from doing that?”
    4. Take-action to make the changes that need to occur

It’s time that we all take responsibility for the state of the industry and begin the process of effecting change. It starts with you making an effort everyday to build a culture of caring into your surroundings.

Start right now by hitting the “Share” button, and not just to your Facebook or Twitter, email this to some people and tell them to listen to the Coachcast because you care about their future. Make it personal.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Ba a catalyst for change – share this message with 5 people

  2. Create a caring culture in your company, project or surroundings

  3. Ask the questions and take action


Added Bonus:

Here is a bonus Infographic shared with the community by Quill.


Click to Enlarge Image

Staying Safe at Work


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