Getting the morning started off right sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Let’s light our mornings on fire.

  1. Momentum for the day
    1. Think of those days where things fly by and you get so much done
      1. They start off on the right foot
    2. Action and productivity builds on itself
    3. It’s momentum and we can control it each morning
  2. To build good momentum each day we need to take care of our mind and body
    1. You can’t start running a marathon if you haven’t trained
    2. Take care of you body and min din the mornings
    3. Get a good breakfast and listen to the right stuff
      1. Avoid the news and down conversations
  3. Build a morning routine
    1. Build supporting habits into your mornings
    2. First thing get your blood pumping – do some stretches and drink 24oz of water
    3. Avoid distractions – no news / don’t read the paper – listen to some podcasts that get you fired up

My morning routine:

Wake-up – drink half of my water – stretch for 3 – 4 minutes – drink the rest of my water – shower and get ready – water and breakfast – listen to podcasts – start work

Get yourself into a good morning routine that builds strong momentum for your day.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Get a morning routine

  2. Fire up your mornings

  3. Build some Big-Mo


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