Having a morning safety meeting is the best tool for job site coordination and productivity.

Are you hosting morning job site meetings?

  1. What aremorning safety meetings
    1. A 15 to 20 minute gathering of everyone on the job
    2. A chance to chat, stretch, discuss the project and give a safety tip
    3. Think of it like a huddle
  2. General rules
    1. Start the meeting at you work start time
    2. Participation is mandatory
    3. Key people should assemble early and engage
  3. Some key things to incorporate
    1. Start with basic chat before the meeting – typical AM greetings
    2. Parts of the meeting
      1. Step 1: Stretching – do some simple stretches to get blood flowing and warm muscles up
      2. Step 2: Project Discussion – review today’s major events
      3. Step 3: Safety Tip
      4. Step 4: Breakout Sessions – crew leaders meet with their immediate crew to review

Getting into the habit of morning safety meetings will boost the job site moral, improve safety and build pride which all lead to profitable jobs.

Take-Action Item:

  1. Start conducting morning safety meetings


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