“Creating efficiency in our organization starts with us and our daily systems.”

How is your system working for you?

  1. Systems and Processes
    1. A key to profitability
    2. One of the 4 pillars of successful contracting
    3. We need to create and train processes
  2. It starts with you
    1. We need personal systems to create efficiency
    2. Ivy Lee – the 6 tasks list method
    3. We need a system that helps us focus on the right action
  3. My productivity system
    1. Daily planner page
      1. Top – Projects and tasks for each, next – Must complete today, next – calls / emails / follow-up
      2. Do this every morning and work the plan
    2. Use time blocking to accomplish your tasks
    3. Learn to say “No”

Remember, our plan at Contracting Coach is to build steady revenue through repeat business then create efficiency to maximize our profits.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your personal productivity systems

  2. Update and follow it

  3. Teach it to your team


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