“Build successful estimating habits with good upfront planning.”

Do you have an estimating playbook?

  1. Estimating schedule
    1. Overall schedule for estimating team
    2. Individual project estimate schedule
    3. Staffing schedule – who does what and when
  2. Estimating playbook
    1. We need a playbook on how we will handle out estimates that includes
      1. Sub/Supplier pricing
      2. Document scrub
      3. Kick-off meeting
      4. Site visits
      5. Overhead and general conditions
      6. Bid-day plan
    2. Organization strategy – how will things remain organized ands transferred to project team
    3. Tactics to win – how are we going to win this bid
  3. Bid day and beyond
    1. Plan ahead for bid day
    2. Cover all bases – make sure people are available
    3. What happens the next day – organize and follow-up

Get the processes in place that will make for successful estimate that lead to successful projects.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Schedule your estimating properly

  2. Develop and adjust playbooks

  3. Organize the madness


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