“Make a plan for managing your email and stop wasting time.”

Today I start by explaining why I choose to coach versus working as a consultant and then provide a couple tips to save time with your email inbox.

  1. Why coaching
    1. Coaching is about you and I working together versus consulting being me telling you what you should do
    2. Coaches teach their clients and help them grow
    3. You know what to do and how to do it you just need that someone there to help inspire you – that’s a coach
  2. Email – someone else’s agenda forced on you
    1. Let’s control the email distractions and time wastes
    2. Take advantage of what you email tools can do – Outlook / Gmail / Etc.
    3. Organize and develop a process
  3. My system
    1. All emails are sorted when they arrive and put into folders – automatic my Gmail
    2. When I open my email based on my schedule I start with the important folders
    3. I work through each folder based on priority – try to complete each at that time if less than 2 minutes – it it will take longer then I save for later
    4. When my email time is up I stop – come back later and pick-up where I left off
    5. I use multiple email addresses to make sorting and priorities easier
    6. This helps with my phone as well – I don’t need to check all the time – important emails give notifications

The main thing here is to get a system, have your email client sort the incoming emails into folders so you don’t get distracted when reading emails and follow your routines.

Take-Action Items:


  1. Take a look at your coaches/mentors/advisers – are they right for you

  2. You have the Coachcast – is that enough for you? Do you need more? – get it if you need it


  1. Automatically sort incoming email into folders

  2. Use multiple emails to help eliminate wasted time sorting through read-later stuff


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