“Get the right support from your accounting professional to help grow your business.”

Are you getting what you need from your accountant?


Your accountant and what they should be providing you.


To successfully grow our businesses we need the support of financial/accounting professionals and our accountants are the closest thing we have to a CFO.


  1. what should our accountant be doing
    1. The basics – taxes, reconciliations, annual reports, etc.
    2. Be our adviser – our coach for financial issues/concerns
    3. Help us in key areas like cashflow, job costing, budgeting and other financial related areas
  2. Find the right one
    1. Make sure you work well with your accountant and they are willing and able to help you
    2. They need to understand construction unless you are just starting out
    3. Make sure they understand how to solve the issues that you need help with like cashflow
    4. Your accountant is not the only one that can help with this – you could get a biz coach also
  3. Get real help
    1. Schedule regular meetings with your advisers
    2. Set goals and objectives for your financials
    3. Have them available to help with what-if scenarios and guide in decisions

Get the right help for your business so you can continue to grow and prosper.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your current relationship – are you getting what you need

  2. Ask for the help you need – just like your accountant would hire you to remodel their office you need them

  3. If your current system does not adequately support your business make changes


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