“Maximize your project schedule to maximize labor efficiency and profits.”

Let’s look at how we schedule projects for maximum productivity.


Organizing a project schedule and plan for efficiency and speed.


Time is money so let’s minimize the amount of time spent on a project. It’s the only real variable we have.


  1. Start with our schedule – every project must have one
    1. Lay out tasks as Start – Stop
    2. Look at how to overlap – More of a Finish-Finish thought process
    3. Look at it like an assembly line where the car stays still and the workers move
  2. Coordinate
    1. Watch that you don’t hurt production
    2. Build some friendly competition
    3. Find the driver – that crew or trade that pushes everyone
  3. Monitor and Manage
    1. Watch things closely – keep it moving
    2. If you expect it – inspect it
    3. Help everyone succeed

Control your schedules to boost your bottom line.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Schedule and review every project

  2. Expedite the work

  3. Monitor and adjust


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