“Messy project sites give the impression of poor quality work.”

Keep you sites safe and productive by maintaining a clutter free work area.


Clearing out the mess and keeping things where they belong.


There are many reasons and the top of the list is Safety.

  1. Safety – tripping accidents are one of top hazards on a jobsite and often caused by a messy site
  2. Impressions – people will get an impression about the quality of your work by the look of your site
  3. Productivity – keep workers from wasting time searching for things
  4. Quality – materials and work are protected and maintained properly
  5. Morale – employees have a better attitude when working on a clean site


  1. Set up for success
    1. Create a logistics plan for each project
    2. Have a clear written policy
    3. Have a place for trash
  2. Some tools
    1. Schedule time for clean up at the end of each day
    2. Keep proper tools and supplies available
    3. Recognize good performance

Keeping a clean jobsite pays benefits in many ways. Make sure your crews are keeping things neat.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Develop a policy/procedure for keeping your jobsites neat

  2. Recognize the performers


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