“Deliver a better construction experience with proper notification and management.”

Today we talk about handling project changes.

To be clear, today we are talking about notifications to the client for changes, not change orders. We will discuss the change order notification next week.


Notification to your client when a change is encountered.


Open communication is key for delivering a good construction experience and notifications on changes will help avoid costly mistakes.


  1. What is a change
    1. Anything that differs from the drawings, specifications and contract documents
    2. Conflicts between existing conditions, drawings and specifications
    3. Anything that is different from what’s expected
  2. Notification requirements
    1. These will differ greatly by client (why I like repeat clients) and contracts – find out the what/when/where/how/who for your change notification
    2. Usually handled with RFIs/As-Builts/Letters/etc.
    3. Review the procedures during the pre-planning stage of your project
  3. The Elite way
    1. Provide clear explanations and back-up material like photos and notes on drawings
    2. Provide a solution/recommendation along with your notice
    3. Indicate any impact to the project cost or schedule immediately

Stay on top of your change notifications and deliver a better experience while avoiding costly mistakes.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Add “Change Notification Procedures” to your project planning checklist

  2. Start managing you change notification process


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