Time Management

E136: Time Is Money

“Maximize your project schedule to maximize labor efficiency and profits.”

Let’s look at how we schedule projects for maximum productivity.

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Episode 126 – Effective Delegation

“Delegate some of your tasks to get back some time.”

Learn what to delegate and how on today’s Coachcast.

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Episode 121 – Use Time Wisely

“Supercharge your day by using time wisely.”

Today we review managing our tasks and routines so that we use out time effectively.

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Episode 116 – Task Selection

“20% of what you do every day produces 80% of the results, focus on the right stuff.”

Today we talk about selecting the right tasks to focus on.

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Episode 101 – Task Batching

“Batching your work tasks can improve efficiency and effectiveness.”

Today we discuss batching our work tasks to improve workflow.

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Episode 46 – Automating Your Processes

“Automated processes can save you time and money on your projects.”
Today we talk about setting up some automated processes to trigger reminders and follow-ups.

Episode 41 – Managing Social Media

Social Media provides the best ROI for your marketing dollars in the world today but how do you find the time to fit it in?
Managing your social media efforts using a good plan and smart tools on today’s Coachcast.
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Episode 36 Know When to Multitask

Happy Monday everyone. As you know, Monday is our organization and time day. Today we are going to talk about multitasking, but before we dig on I just wanted to get you organized for the rest of the week. Here is our line up:

Episode 26 Daily Routines and Schedules

Today we talk about organizing our daily routines and schedules to get more efficient and make the most out of our days.


I give you tips on planning your routine task, meetings, work tasks and errands so that every day and every week you can get the most work done in the shortest amount of time.

Episode 16 Organization and Routines

In today’s episode I talk about getting organized and setting up routines that will allow you to work more efficiently and get more done in a shorter period of time.  We all need more time and these tips will help you take control of your time and lower that stress needle.

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