Episode 86 – Organizing Client Billing

“Set up billing routines to help create efficiency and avoid mistakes.”

We review setting up client billing routines at the start of the project.

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Episode 81 – Organizing Your Calendar

“The next key to achieving your step goals is putting them on your agenda.”

Today we talk about organizing our calendar and planning our days.

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Episode 76 – Organizing Contract Drawings

“Maintain accurate contract drawings to avoid conflict and costly mistakes.”

Today we review maintaining our construction drawings.

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Episode 71 – Organizing Your Goals

“Set goals that move you and your company closer to your vision every day.”

Let’s talk about setting and organizing the right goals to get you moving towards your vision.

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Episode 66 – Planning the Journey

“You can’t build a house without a plan, so why build your career or business without one?”

On today’s Coachcast we look at the importance of planning your journey.

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Episode 61 – Setting Big Goals

“Are your goals putting limits on you? Set proper goals to inspire success.”

Today we talk about setting the right big-picture inspiring goals.

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Episode – 56 – Project Pre-Planning – Contract Risks

“Start your projects on the right track with proper pre-planning.”

Today we discuss proper project pre-planning related to contract risks.

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Episode 51 – Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Breaking down tasks into bite sized chunks on today’s Coachcast.”

Today we talk about avoiding getting overwhelmed by all that we have to do by breaking things into smaller tasks.

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