E135: Winning Expectations

“Control life’s outcomes by setting the stage with winning expectations.”

Do you expect to win?

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E130: Take Action

“Ideas without action are simply diversions along our path to success.”

Learn to take-action and stop wasting valuable time.

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Episode 125 – Personal Support Network

“Build a personal support network to help reach new level of success.”

Today we talk about building a network to support us as we soar to new levels of success.

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Episode 120 – Boost Your Energy Levels

“Add some fitness to your routine to boost your energy levels through the roof.”

Today we talk about the importance of exercise and the positive impact on our energy levels.

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Episode 115 – Posture and Confidence

“Boost your confidence levels by practicing good posture.”

Today we discuss how posture can improve our confidence.

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Episode 110 – Fear of Failure

“If you are not failing from time to time, you are failing to reach your true potential.”

In today’s Coachcast we talk about embracing failure and understanding the purpose of the fear of failure.

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Episode 105 – 5 Tips For Keeping The Drive Alive

“5 things that will help you extend that New Year drive throughout the entire year.”

Today we review 5 tips to help you keep that excitement going all year long.

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Episode 100 – Theme For 2015

“What’s your theme for 2015?”

Today we discuss having a theme for the new year.

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Episode 98 – New Years Resolutions

“Make your New Year’s resolutions work by setting them up properly in the beginning.”

Let’s make resolutions that work!

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Episode 97 – Close Out 2014

“It’s time to close out 2014 and move into 2015 fresh and recharged.”

Today we talk about closing out 2014 and getting a good start on 2015.

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