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4 Key Tech Trends That Construction Leaders Should Watch

Be Sure Your Website is Supporting Your Sales

Ask Coach – How Do I Know When to Invest in Technology

Build Efficiency with Technology Solutions

The Right People with the Right Technology

E716: Are You Keeping Up With Changes?

Our world is changing rapidly. It’s now more important than ever to keep up.

E646: Technological Innovations

Don’t let innovation leave you without clients.  

E541: Ask Coach – Getting People Into New Tech

Getting your team to adopt new technology can be a struggle.   Q: I started using a new mobile app for daily reporting but I am having a hard time getting people to use it. How can I get people to adopt new technology? A: Explain the reason why it’s important and train them well. …

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E373: Take Advantage Of Technology

Are you leveraging advances in technology to your full benefit?   It amazes me to see how many businesses don’t take full advantage of the technology that is available out there.   The times we live in are changing Companies with only 12 employees selling for billions of dollars One person can do the work …

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E273: Using Video 4 Job Tours

Take advantage of some of great tech tools to improve you project communication.

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