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Dec 06

Developing Your Take Action List

Sep 02

E535: Managing Expectations

We ver estimate what we can accomplish in a year and underestimate what we can achieve in ten years.     We all have expectations and goals We have expectations of what we can achieve We have expectations of what others can achieve We have expectations of success We need to manage them properly We …

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Jul 01

E490: It’s Time To Start

The best time to plant an oak tree was 20 years ago or TODAY.   When would now be a good time to start? We have things we want to do and accomplish We think about them, plan for them Yes something always seems to be keeping us from it Learn to start taking action …

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Jun 29

E489: It’s Mid Year Review Time

It’s the end of the 2nd quarter, time to review the year to date.   Use the middle of the year to re-group Take a look at your 2016 business goals – dust them off See how things have developed How are¬†you doing? Take a look at your actions We focus on actions – that’s …

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Mar 31

E424: Review First Quarter And Re-Energize

It’s the end of the first quarter. Time to review our progress, adjust and re-energize.     Review your progress Dust off those goals and take-action items we set in December Look at what you intended to do Give yourself a grade on how well you did Adjust and correct course – things change Do …

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Jan 15

E370: Watch Out For Perfection

Don’t let yourself get paralyzed by perfection.   Knowing 80% of a language will allow you to speak fluently. So why do we always end up striving for perfection? For some reason, many of us get trapped with this idea that things must be perfect. That we must not make mistakes or have errors. That …

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Oct 02

E295: Take-Action Habits

Build take-action habits to help propel you to success.

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Mar 06

E145: Act It, Don’t Fake It

“We must conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with who we aspire to become.” The old adage is “Fake it til you make it.” Do you know what that really means?

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Feb 13

E130: Take Action

“Ideas without action are simply diversions along our path to success.” Learn to take-action and stop wasting valuable time.

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