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Creating Bid Packages for Estimating

E783: Finding Good Subcontractors

E663: Qualify Your Subcontractors

Avoid future headaches by qualifying your subcontractors.  

E481: Ask Coach – Finding Qualified Subcontractors

Sourcing qualified subcontractors is one of the biggest challenges when entering new markets.   Q: Can you give me some ideas on ways to find qualified subcontractors when entering a new market area? A: There isn’t an easy way. You just have to search for them.   No easy way – just search for them …

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E378: Managing Subcontractor Payments

Keep control of your projects and cash flow with proper subcontractor payment management.   Avoid the common pitfalls Don’t rob Peter to pay Paul – pay all bills associated with a project draw when you get paid Over-payment on work performed Sub-tier sub and supplier non-payment – collect lien releases Setting up for success Every …

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E281: Ask Coach – Subcontractor Prequalification

Subcontractor prequalification is a must. To what extent, depends on your projects.

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E158: The Right Subcontractors

“Finding the right subcontractors protects us from unwanted struggles down the road.” How do you pre-qualify your subcontractors?

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