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Feb 26

Ask Coach – Should I Monitor My Employee’s Social Media

Feb 13

Marketing on Social Media Channels

Oct 23

Twitter for Contractors a Coffee Shop Chat with Shannon Harper

Mar 14

E672: Take Advantage of Social Media

The internet and social media have changed the marketing industry, take advantage.

Nov 29

E597: Social Media Profiles

Now that your website is tuned up, let’s look at social media.   Social media platforms are becoming go-to resources for buyers LinkedIn – B2B Facebook – B2C Others Social media are platforms that allow people to connect with your company People use these platforms for research There are two sides to consider People researching …

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Jul 26

E507: Social Media For Sales

Are you taking advantage of social media in your sales efforts?   Social media is a game changer in sales and marketing Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / etc. Social media makes reaching your audience much easier Social must be a part of your sales strategy Posting native content (your content) …

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Feb 02

E382: Stop The Social Media Press Releases

Social media is a great tool for marketing when handled properly.   Social media It’s great for marketing and very cost effective Many people miss the purpose though Do it right and get results Don’t be that guy – you know the one At the cocktail party, he’s the one that just wants to tell …

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Jun 30

E227: Social Media Roundup P7 – Conclusion

Social media is becoming the leading place for people to learn about your business. Get on it!

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Jun 23

E222: Social Media P6 – Customer Support

Use social media for customer support for added benefits.

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Jun 16

E217: Social Media Roundup P5 – Engagement

Engagement si the most important part of social media strategy, yet so many miss the mark.

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