self improvement

E390: Today Could Be The Day

Today could be the day that your life changes forever, be open for the greatness around you.


  1. Be open and positive
    1. To be successful, you need to be open for what might come your way
    2. Don’t get too caught up in tunnel vision
    3. The world is conspiring for your greater good
  2. Learn and grow every day
    1. Ever day is a blank slate
    2. How you approach the day is up to you
      1. You can take a wait and see approach and have a negative mindset
      2. Or take on the day with vigor and a positive mindset
  3. Our goal – get the most out of the day
    1. Doesn’t matter what you have planned, get the most out of the day
    2. Start each day with a ritual to get you excited and ready
    3. Develop your morning statements – for example, here are mine
      1. Rise and Grind
      2. Get the most out of today
      3. Today could be the day… (I add things that get me closer to my goals)

E130: Take Action

“Ideas without action are simply diversions along our path to success.”

Learn to take-action and stop wasting valuable time.

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Episode 110 – Fear of Failure

“If you are not failing from time to time, you are failing to reach your true potential.”

In today’s Coachcast we talk about embracing failure and understanding the purpose of the fear of failure.

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Episode 105 – 5 Tips For Keeping The Drive Alive

“5 things that will help you extend that New Year drive throughout the entire year.”

Today we review 5 tips to help you keep that excitement going all year long.

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Episode 95 – Do Something for You

“Take time this Holiday season to do something for yourself.”

Today we look at taking care of ourselves.

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Episode 90 – Enjoy The Holidays

“During this Holiday season remember it’s your presence that matters most, not your presents.”

Today we talk about letting go and enjoying the Holidays.

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Episode 85 – Personal Preventative Maintenance

“Running a successful contracting business takes time and effort, make sure your mind and body are ready.”

Today we look at building a Personal Preventative Maintenance program.

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Episode 80 – Getting Back on Course

“When you get off course don’t let it get you down, recognize this is part of the journey and correct course.”

Today we talk about getting back up after we back slide a little.

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Episode 75 – Setting Personal Goals

“In order to achieve your goals they must align with your core values.”

On today’s Coachcast we review setting our personal goals for 2015.

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Episode 70 – Building the Belief

“Once you have decided on your journey the next critical step is believing you can get there.”

Today we discuss building our belief that we can succeed.

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