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Episode 95 – Do Something for You

“Take time this Holiday season to do something for yourself.” Today we look at taking care of ourselves.

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Episode 90 – Enjoy The Holidays

“During this Holiday season remember it’s your presence that matters most, not your presents.” Today we talk about letting go and enjoying the Holidays.

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Episode 85 – Personal Preventative Maintenance

“Running a successful contracting business takes time and effort, make sure your mind and body are ready.” Today we look at building a Personal Preventative Maintenance program.

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Episode 80 – Getting Back on Course

“When you get off course don’t let it get you down, recognize this is part of the journey and correct course.” Today we talk about getting back up after we back slide a little.

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Episode 75 – Setting Personal Goals

“In order to achieve your goals they must align with your core values.” On today’s Coachcast we review setting our personal goals for 2015.

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Episode 70 – Building the Belief

“Once you have decided on your journey the next critical step is believing you can get there.” Today we discuss building our belief that we can succeed.

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Episode 61 – Setting Big Goals

“Are your goals putting limits on you? Set proper goals to inspire success.” Today we talk about setting the right big-picture inspiring goals.

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Episode 60 – Finding Clarity

“To reach success one must be clear on their personal definition of success.”
Today we talk about finding clarity in what we want to achieve.

Episode 40 – Mindset of Enthusiasm

“Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” – Norman Vincent Peale Today we talk about maintaining a mindset of enthusiasm so we can live a prosperous life.

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Episode 30 Get Some Me Time

In today’s episode we talk about the importance of planning some Me-Time. ¬†We all need time to reflect and work on our self improvement but we rarely take that time and make it a priority. Are you?