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E136: Time Is Money

“Maximize your project schedule to maximize labor efficiency and profits.” Let’s look at how we schedule projects for maximum productivity.

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Episode 29 3 Week Look Ahead

In today’s episode we review one of my favorite tools for managing a project, the 3-Week Look Ahead Schedule. ┬áThis simple tool can help you keep your projects running smooth and on schedule. ┬áBest of all, it only takes a small amount of time to keep it up to date and accurate. 3Week Look Ahead …

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Episode 28 Project Schedules

Today we review the importance of having a project schedule and get into the basics of creating an accurate schedule for your projects.

Episode 27 Estimating Schedules

In today’s episode we review the importance of maintaining a company resource schedule and comparing that to our estimating efforts to be sure we are bidding on the right projects at the right time.