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Episode 57 – Building Referral Systems

“Build a good referral system and keep those referrals coming in.” Today we talk about the importance of building a good referral system.

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Episode 52 – Getting Qualified Leads

“Fine tune your lead generation┬ásystems┬áto get valuable leads.” On today’s Coachcast we review our lead generation processes to make adjustments to get the best leads.

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Episode 47 – Proposal Templates

“The proposal is the last impression your potential customers get of your business – make it a good one.”
On today’s Coachcast we talk about building a winning proposal template for your proposals.

Episode 42 – Managing Sales Calls

“There is an increasing trend of people wanting to receive phone calls when they want them – let’s respect that”
On today’s Coachcast we look into the importance of properly managing your sales calls. Read on and listen to the Coachcast.

Episode 22 Sales

    In today’s episode I discuss making the most of our existing network to build a solid sales pipeline.