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Sep 06

E537: Buying A Job To Win A Client

Dropping prices to win over a new client can be a good strategy.   Buying a job is a common strategy We target a client and give them a low price in order to start a relationship We get in with them in hopes of future work at our normal pricing Does it really work? …

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Aug 23

E527: Know Your Prospects

Is that potential client really the right one for you?   We have customers we target – are they the right ones Different client types have different requirements Home Owners differ from Commercial Owners / Government is different than Industrial We think we want to work for a certain client but make sure you really …

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Dec 07

E341: Ask Coach – Taking On Too Much Work

Taking on too much work can strain our resources and hurt all of our projects.

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Nov 03

E317: A Dedicated Sales Team

To grow your business, you need someone dedicated to sales and business development.

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Jul 28

E247: Everyone is a Sales Rep

Are your employees brand ambassadors of customer turn-offs?

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Jan 13

Episode 107 – Partner With Suppliers

“Partner with suppliers and manufacturers to extend your marketing exposure.” Today we discuss partnering with suppliers to develop some added value marketing plans.

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Dec 18

Episode 89 – Lien Waivers to Clients

“Set yourself apart from other residential/light commercial contractors by providing your customers with lien waivers.” Today we talk about using an important business process to help set yourself apart from your competition. Providing lien waivers to your customers when they don’t ask for them.

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Dec 09

Episode 82 – Free Consultations

“Offering a free consultation is a great way to get in front of potential clients.” Today we talk about setting a free consultation program to engage with potential customers.

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Nov 11

Episode 62 – Developing a Sales Pipeline

“Properly plan your sales and estimating so you can reach your revenue goals.” Today we talk about setting up a Sales Pipeline tracking system to avoid the ups and downs.

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Nov 04

Episode 57 – Building Referral Systems

“Build a good referral system and keep those referrals coming in.” Today we talk about the importance of building a good referral system.

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