project management

Episode 83 – Drawing Reviews

“Take a proactive approach to reviewing your contract drawings to avoid costly delays.”

Today we discuss drawing reviews.

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Episode 78 – Contract Document Log

“A contract document log is a key tool for keeping drawings and documents organized.”

Today we talk about maintaining a contract document log.

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Episode 73 – Project Management Goals

“As we look at improving our project management we need to be sure to cover the 3 key stages.”

Today we look at setting goals for improving our project management.

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Episode 68 – Working Together

“True leaders work hard at elevating the entire team in pursuit of a common goal.”

Today we talk about teamwork and collaboration with the entire project team not just your company team.

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Episode 63 – Improving Project Management

“Supercharge your project management with proper evaluation, understanding and improvement.”

Today we take an evaluation of our current project management style to prepare for taking it to the next level.

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Episode 58 – Team Building

“Building efficient and committed teams leads to successful project and better returns.”

On today’s Coachcast we review the importance of building high performing teams.

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Episode 53 – Experienced Subcontractors

“Successful projects need the right teams.”

Today we talk about building our project teams with subcontractors and suppliers that are the right fit for the job.

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Episode 49 – Project Buyout

“Set your projects up for success before they start”

On today’s Coachcast we discuss setting projects up for success with proper project buyout.

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Episode 48 – Managing Materials

“Properly managing project materials can boost your bottom line.”

On today’s Coachcast we look at the importance of managing the full life cycle of materials on our projects.

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Episode 43 – Daily Project Reports

“Keeping an accurate accounting of project activity can make the difference between success and failure when things go wrong”
On today’s Coachcast we discuss the importance of keeping accurate daily reports and project notes.