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Oct 04

Make Every Project Better Than the Last

Apr 25

E441: Ask Coach – Choosing The Right Project Management System

Deciding what project management system to use takes some careful consideration.   Q: How do I know which project management system if right for my company? A: The one you will use and fits your needs.   The most important┬áthing is to have a system to use This is how we organize our projects They …

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Feb 10

E388: Managing Small Project Expenses

Those minor expenses on your projects can really add up if not monitored properly.   Small charges – those little charges under $1,000 for things needed on your projects They are often not monitored well because of the effort needed These are the little charges for misc. materials, small tools, cleaning supplies, surveying (second time), …

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Feb 08

E386: Ask Coach – Speed Up Project Closeout

Project closeout can drag your project down if not handled properly.   Q: Can you give me some ideas on how to speed up the closeout of a project? A: Allow for it in your original schedule and make it a priority.   Project closeout The finish of the work The completion of the punchlist …

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Dec 23

E353: Define Your Project Management Style

All contractors manage projects differently. What’s your style?

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Mar 11

E148: Field Tracking

“What tools do you use to keep track of things in the field?” Today we look at tracking field issues.

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Mar 04

E143: Estimate Reviews

“Conduct a thorough estimate review during your project planning.” Are you conducting an estimate review during the project planning process?

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Feb 04

Episode 123 – Project Team Priorities

“Create a Focus Priority to help guide your project teams to success.” On today’s Coachcast we talk about setting project team priorities.

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Jan 28

Episode 118 – Client Satisfaction

“Do you know how your customers really feel about your level of service?” Today we review customer satisfaction.

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Dec 24

Episode 93 – Follow Up

“When delegating and leading others be sure to follow-up. If you expect it, inspect it.” Today we discuss the importance of follow-up.

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