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E759: Treat Every Job as a Profit Center

Company profits are created at the project level.

E724: Dig Into Your Numbers

Business comes down to numbers. Do you know yours?

E719: Putting Profits First

Budgeting and managing profits must be a priority.

E553: Protect Your Profits

Businesses exist to make a profit, be sure to protect yours.   Profit is not a dirty word It keeps businesses in business It supports the economy It supports charity Don’t be afraid to stand up for your profits Don’t let clients push you around Stand up for change orders No “catch you later” We …

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E301: Ask Coach – Being Too Selective

Completing 4 projects making $10K each is easier than completing 10 projects making $4K each.

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E139: Accounting Support Services

“Get the right support from your accounting professional to help grow your business.” Are you getting what you need from your accountant?

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E129: Negotiating For Profits

“Negotiating tips that help you keep your profits and lower your price.” Today we talk about negotiating with potential clients to lower your price without giving up profits or taking on adverse risk.

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Episode 49 – Project Buyout

“Set your projects up for success before they start” On today’s Coachcast we discuss setting projects up for success with proper project buyout.

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Episode 39 – Estimate Contingency

Today on the Coachcast we discuss using a Profit contingency to help protect your profits.

Episode 35 – Putting Profits First

“Are you stuck on the cashflow rollercoaster, worrying each week how you will pay the bills and cover payroll? That’s about to change!”

[notice]If you like sleepless nights and constant cashflow struggles – do not listen to this Coachcast[/notice]
Putting Profits First is about making profits a priority in your business. The #1 rule for Elite Contractors is Profit is the Reason. So, to become an Elite Contractor we need to make sure the we make profits the #1 priority of our business. We are not in business to make our suppliers money, if you want to do that become a sales rep for them.