positive attitude

Mindset is Everything

“A positive mindset provides you with the power and tools to conquer life’s challenges.”

In today’s episode, I discuss building and maintaining a positive mindset.

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E550: Be A Seeker Of The Good

How you see people or events is up to you, focus on the positives.


  1. Build a mindset that seeks out the good
    1. Typical reactions/thoughts are Good or Bad – our bias is towards the negative
    2. This creates paths in our brains – neural pathways
    3. If your pathways lead to bad you will see the bad in everything
  2. Change the path
    1. Don’t leave the paths to chance
    2. Breakdown the roadblocks that close off the good
    3. Build the proper pathways
  3. Seek out the good in everything and everyone
    1. Who would you rather be around?
      1. A person that always see the doom and gloom
      2. A person that can see the positive and bring out the best of the situation
    2. Learn to be a better observer and start to seek the good
    3. Build a bias towards positivity

E525: Be Part Of The Solution

Get more out of life by focusing on being part of the solution.


  1. If you not part of the solution, you are part of the problem
    1. We don’t want to be the problem
    2. The pessimistic / excuses / complaining
    3. The person that creates the roadblocks
  2. Being part of the solution
    1. People that support things
    2. That want to help and win
    3. Who would you rather be around?
  3. Let’s work on being part of the solution
    1. Start with recognition
      1. Look at your day and evaluate where you were part of the solution
    2. Start asking questions instead of making statements
      1. What do you think about this? How about?
    3. Have gratitude

E505: Shift Your Mindset From Struggle

Keep the proper mindset to manage the ebb & flow of life.


  1. Life is what you make of it
    1. If you think it’s a struggle – it is
    2. If you think it’s hard it will be
    3. Do you feel things are against you are for you?
  2. It’s all in our mindset
    1. Learn to take a different point of view
      1. Not rose colored glasses but be sure to see the whole truth
    2. Be honest about the circumstances
    3. There are always 2 sides to each situation – a silver lining
  3. Setting up the right mindset
    1. Learn to be an observer of your actions and emotions – look back on times you were negative
      1. What is your negative outlook contributing?
    2. Use your emotions for good
    3. Practice gratitude every day

E450: Pay Attention To Your Conversations

The topics of our conversations shape the world around us.


  1. What you talk about shapes the world around you
    1. Self-talk and actual conversations impact your day to day life – what do you talk about?
    2. I see it in companies and teams all the time
      1. Struggling people talk mainly about other people
      2. Thriving people talk mainly about ideas
    3. Which is the cause? The struggle or the talk? – it’s the talk – change your talk, change your world
  2. Conversation topics and the effect
    1. People – when you conversation focus on people the world around you is defensive, down and reserved
    2. Things – when you talk about things your world is stagnant and dependent on outside objects
    3. Ideas – when you focus on ideas the world opens up and is exciting
  3. Learn to shape the conversation around you
    1. It’s like a pyramid with people at the bottom occupying the majority of conversations and ideas at the top only getting a small portion of the conversations
    2. Work to invert the pyramid – make it bigger at the top and focus conversations on ideas
    3. Take time to review your conversations – what do you talk about?
    4. Start shaping the conversations and inverting the pyramid


Check out this amazing book by JB Glossinger – The Sacred 6 – http://bit.ly/1WbeVGJ




E415: Keeping A Positive Mental Attitude

A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances.


  1. How do you look at things?
    1. Is the glass half full?
    2. Is an issue a problem or a challenge?
    3. Are things possible or impossible?
    4. How you look at things will have a huge impact on your ability to succeed
  2. The are massive benefits to a positive mindset
    1. You have more gratitude for what you have
    2. It gives ou confidence to take on challenges
    3. Allows you to be creative and find solutions
  3. Learn to keep your attitude meter in the positive 51% of the time
    1. Learn to watch your self-talk
      1. Stop every 20 minutes and write down what you thoughts are at that time then review at the end of the day – where there more positive thoughts?
    2. Avoid the constant attacks of negative news in te media
      1. Understand that the media is not really focused on educating you on current events, they want to sell ads
    3. Get outside in nature
      1. While you are at it skip and whistle