E393: Effective Project Coordination Meetings

Get good results from project coordination meetings with a solid plan.


  1. Regularly scheduled meetings with the subs and trade leads are important to a projects success
    1. A time to discuss schedule
    2. Coordination issues and concerns
    3. Project updates
      1. Changes / issues / RFIs / Other items
  2. The formal meeting
    1. Schedule a regular meeting every week or every other week
    2. Create an agenda
      1. Make it detailed so you can spend less time in the meeting
    3. Stick to topics and discussion that involve at least 2/3rds of the attendees
  3. Get the real work done in morning meetings
    1. Conduct daily quick gathering of sub / trade leads
    2. Discuss safety concerns
    3. The day’s work plans

E211: Efficient Meetings

Meetings: non-productive blackholes inconveniently located throughout your week.

Can you avoid the mind field?

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