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Mar 12

E149: Marketing Support

“Get professional support to maximize your marketing and advertising dollars.” Do you have the right team supporting your business?

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Feb 10

Episode 127 – Tell Your Brand Story

“Tell a story about your brand to build a relationship with your customers.” Are you telling a story with your marketing messages.

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Feb 03

Episode 122 – Position Your Marketing

“Position your marketing efforts to get your message in the right places.” Today we take a look at positioning our marketing efforts in the right places.

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Jan 27

Episode 117 – Know Your Target Client

“Gain an advantage by knowing your target clients better than your competition.” Today we look at defining our target clients and getting to know and understand them.

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Jan 20

Episode 112 – Promote Your Procedures

“Use your procedures and processes to create differentiation for your brand.” Turn your procedures and processed into sales tools.

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Jan 13

Episode 107 – Partner With Suppliers

“Partner with suppliers and manufacturers to extend your marketing exposure.” Today we discuss partnering with suppliers to develop some added value marketing plans.

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Dec 23

Episode 92 – Know Your Banker

“Get to know your banker and see how you can help them grow their business.” Today we talk about networking the right way, starting with your banker.

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Dec 09

Episode 82 – Free Consultations

“Offering a free consultation is a great way to get in front of potential clients.” Today we talk about setting a free consultation program to engage with potential customers.

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Nov 25

Episode 72 – Marketing Goals

“Are you putting your marketing efforts in the right places, where you customers are?” Today we look at setting some goals for our marketing in 2015.

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Nov 06

Episode 59 – Determining Your Marketing ROI

“Determine you marketing return on investment so you can focus your efforts.” Today we review calculating your marketing ROI and making improvements.

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