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Jan 23

Treat Your Marketing Like Any Other Project

Jul 25

E767: Are You Marketing Like It’s 2010?

Apr 04

E687: Generating Word of Mouth Leads

Word of mouth leads can be tough to earn, but they are worth it.

Mar 14

E672: Take Advantage of Social Media

The internet and social media have changed the marketing industry, take advantage.

Feb 09

E387: Become A Resource

If you want to win at the social media and content marketing game, become a resource.   Content marketing has one basic goal – build trust with your audience   There are 2 types of content that help with that Content that provides information about your company This is the stuff on your website that …

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Jan 12

E367: Focus On One Thing

To dominate you niche market, focus on it and be the best.     Dominating your market The hedgehog theory – be great at one thing (then move on to others) Great companies focus on what they are good at Know who you are and who your product fits Find your product or products What …

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Jan 05

E362: Organizing Our Sales and Marketing

Set clear goals and intentions for you sales and marketing in 2016.   Sales and marketing in construction A major aspect of our success Doesn’t get the attention it deserves Often lacks good planning For many it’s placing ads and waiting for calls We are all marketing companies Today – everything is about marketing and …

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Aug 25

E267: Community Involvement Effort

Community involvement is not just a good civic deed, it’s a great for your brand too.

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Aug 04

E252: The Value of a Client

How many of you know the average lifetime or annual value of a client?

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May 12

E192: Targeting New Clients

Do your homework and target the right clients when seeking out new business. Are you focusing on the right prospects?

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