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Ask Coach – How Long Before I Start Seeing Results

Ask Coach – How Do I Know Where to Start Improving

Commit to Improving Your Project Management in 2018

E600: Have Some Patience

The key to patience is acceptance and faith.   It’s human nature – we want instant gratification We want¬†it now We quit too early We expect too much, too soon Have patience with people – accept them for who they are Everyone is different Don’t project yourself on them Give them due time Have patience …

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E595: Getting Back At It

Ready, Set, Get Back At It!   We often have times when we are off from work and it’s always a struggle to get started again when our time off has ended. It’s hard getting back on the horse and getting going. Here is some help.   Prepare upfront – before you are going to …

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E591: Getting a Little Extra

Sometimes we have to dig deep and put in a little extra effort.   The Contractor’s Strategic Planning course is live. Learn more here.   We often find ourselves in times where we need to get a little more We need some more billings for the month We need to meet a deadline We need …

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E554: Create Efficiencies

Create efficiencies to help control your overhead.   Managing the General & Adminstrative¬†side of the business Controlling overhead costs Building your culture Controlling the flow of information Create efficiencies first Look at processes and make improvements Build great communication tools Establish a system for sharing information Develop a mindset of constant improvement Build a culture …

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E410: Stop Waiting, Start Building

If you want to be a great dancer, you have to get on the dance floor.   I close every Coachcast with “Stop Waiting, Start Building” Don’t wait for some trigger to start taking action Don’t wait for the next big job to start acting like a big contractor Don’t wait to reach $5M to …

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E324: Working ON your Business

To build a successful business, you have to spend time working ON your business.

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E320: Improving The Right Things

Are you correcting the symptoms and missing the cause?

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