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Jan 25

The Right People with the Right Technology

Jan 22

Ask Coach – Do I Promote From Within of Hire Outside

Oct 30

Profile First Hiring – Coffee Shop Chat with Jamie Irvine

Aug 31

E794: Be Sure Your People Fit Their Positions

Dec 05

E601: Hiring the Right Team Members

Don’t rush when it’s time to hire new team members.   Q: Can you give me some tips on finding the right new employees? A: Take your time and remember that how they fit in the organization is more important than skills.   We often find ourselves in a position where we need to hire …

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Jul 28

E509: Hire Versus Train

You need more project managers, so do you train within or hire from outside.   We all face this from time to time We are growing and need help Need some additional skillsets Do we train an existing employee or hire someone from outside the company? There are pros and cons to both to consider …

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Jan 25

E376: Ask Coach – Finding Good People

When hiring new employees, look at how they fit in your organization more than their skills.   Q: We are getting ready to hire some key employees. Can you give us some advice on how to find and hire good people? A: Search everywhere then hire for fit first, skills second.   What is a …

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Oct 19

E306: Ask Coach – Hiring New Employees

Promote from within whenever possible to help build and nurture your company culture.

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