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Dec 11

E345: Take Action Steps

It takes consistent, effective action to reach our goals.

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Dec 03

E339: Specific Tasks Yield Results

It takes a consistent effort completing specific tasks to reach our goals.

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Dec 02

E338: Defining The Steps

Now that we have our route planned out we can start to create our directions.

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Oct 01

E294: 4th Quarter Planning

Heading into the 4th quarter, let’s get ready to close the year out on a high note.

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Aug 14

E260: Do The Right Things Consistently

Success comes from consistently taking the necessary steps to move closer to your goals.

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Aug 07

E255: Goal Pyramids – Making a Connection

We often fail to reach our goals because we fail to consistently take the needed small steps.

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Jul 31

E250: PM Your Life

Are you managing your life or is your life managing you?

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Jul 29

E248: Project Goals and Objectives

Project success comes from meeting project objectives. Business success comes from meeting project goals.

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Jun 26

E225: Change Occurs, Make Adjustments

The destination may remain the same bu the route often changes. Make the right adjustments.

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Mar 23

E156: First Quarter Review

“It’s the last full week of the first quarter, let’s prepare for our review.” Next week it’s time to review where we are with our 2015 plans.

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