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Jun 26

E746: Ask Coach – Taking On Unfamiliar Work

Don’t ruin a great relationship by biting off too much.

Nov 10

E584: Finding Help and Mentors

Having someone help you doesn’t mean you failed. It just means you are not alone. Having some technical issues today. You can find the Coachcast here.   Finding help to guide your business / career We all need some help – we are blazing new paths Find help from those that have expertise and success …

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Nov 03

E579: Getting Help for Your Business

Sometimes you need some help but can’t commit to additional staff.   We often hit times when we need a little help The business is growing Hit a bust time and need some help Opportunities to bid more work These needs can sometimes be hard to solve You need some additional project management help but …

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Aug 08

E516: Ask Coach – How Can I get Help

We can all use a little help sometimes, don’t be afraid to ask for it.   Q: My project is behind and in trouble, how can I get some help? A: Make a sound assessment then search for the resources.   The is a question that I should get a lot more often I am …

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Sep 10

E279: Getting Some Help

We can all use a little help once and a while, so why are we so reluctant to get it?

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