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Ask Coach – How Can I Position Myself for a Better Raise

Ask Coach – Do I Give a Raise to a Key Employee to Keep Them

E796: A Shout Out to the Trades!!

E786: Ask Coach – How Much Do I Share With Employees

E764: New Hire Onboarding

E691: Ask Coach – Finding Good Help

Stop searching for the wrong things when looking for new employees.

E641: Ask Coach – Is It Time to Add a Project Manager

Sometimes we know the answer before we ask the question.  

E629: How Do You Take Care of Your Employees?

Take good care of your employees or someone else will.  

E529: Listening To Your Employees

You can learn a lot by listening to your employees.   Our employees know more than you think They are usually the front line with our clients They know a lot about their tasks They often have some great ideas They know when they are in trouble and need help but afraid to tell you …

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E524: The Right People In The Right Positions

Successful teams thrive when you have the right people in the right positions.   Create an elite team for success Construction is team oriented It takes many working together to complete a project Elite teams have the right people in the right positions Start with the right people Do they have the right mindset? Do …

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