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Jan 19

E634: Project File Organization

Stop wasting time searching for information.  

Aug 10

E518: Shop Drawing Management

Document and manage shop drawings to avoid costly mistakes.   Shop drawings¬†play a major role in construction They provide final design and details They can provide coordination between the trades They amend the contract documents Poor management of shop drawings can cause problems Improper coordination Delays in construction for materials Re-work to correct errors Put …

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Jul 12

E497: Managing Estimating Documents

Protect your estimate with good document tracking.   During the estimating process we often have changes and alternates – make sure you keep track It’s important to know what was priced in the estimate Track all changes and alternates Come to a starting point for construction Track and update documents throughout estimating Create a log …

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May 20

E198: Document Reviews

Plan reviews help eliminate wasted time waiting on answers to common questions. Are you conducting good drawing scrubs?

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Dec 03

Episode 78 – Contract Document Log

“A contract document log is a key tool for keeping drawings and documents organized.” Today we talk about maintaining a contract document log.

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