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E546: Ask Coach – When To Push Back

Don’t confuse a pesky client with good customer service.


Q: I have a good customer that I do work for but they are always asking me to do additional work for free. When should I push back?

A: From the beginning.


  1. We all get asked from time to time
    1. Can you do this for me? Can you add this for free?
    2. Can you get done early?
    3. It can be hard to say no to our customers – be Elite not a push over
  2. Be sure your lines are clear
    1. What are you willing to do for your good customers?
    2. How much, how far, how long?
    3. Know this upfront and it’s easy to say “our policy is”
  3. Establish boundaries the first chance you get
    1. Stand your ground when you are asked – don’t just give in
    2. Make it clear what you will and won’t do
      1. Follow your guidelines and policy
    3. If they don’t understand they may not be that great of a client after all

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