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Focus on the Customer Experience

E754: Are You Educating Your Clients?

What does your client instruction manual look like?

E752: The Value of Customer Experience

Focus on customer experience to improve your bottom line.

E647: Tracking Customer Service

Don’t leave customer service to chance, solicit feedback.  

E546: Ask Coach – When To Push Back

Don’t confuse a pesky client with good customer service.   Q: I have a good customer that I do work for but they are always asking me to do additional work for free. When should I push back? A: From the beginning.   We all get asked from time to time Can you do this …

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E147: Customers Are Not Always Right

“Educating our customers is a key step in building lasting relationships.” Are you training your teams to teach your customers?

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E137: Customer Service Dept.

“Create a great customer service program to avoid misunderstandings and costly disputes.” Let’s look at your customer service program.

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